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Our Method

At Elite Obedience, our entire goal is to help you enjoy your dog! We wholeheartedly believe that training is an essential component of dog ownership, and it's important for us to train in a way that allows us to accomplish the goals we have for our dogs while continuing to build a meaningful relationship with them. 

We use a balanced method of training, which simply means that we correct negative behavior and reward good choices instead. Our program places a huge emphasis on teaching clear and fair communication with our dogs, which allows us to create the structure and boundaries necessary for them to be successful, while still ensuring that they remain happy, comfortable, and willing participants. We want our dogs to want to work with us just as much as we want to work with them, so engagement is the cornerstone of our training method. Our favorite part of training is watching a dog's confidence grow as they learn to work with their handlers, and we love to see dogs with happy, attentive obedience and a clear desire to work!

The most important aspect of our training method is the knowledge and understanding that no two dogs are exactly the same. We focus on training the dog in front of us rather than attempting to use the exact same training procedure with every dog. Having the flexibility to tailor our method means that we are able to meet the unique needs of each individual dog that we work with to ensure successful communication that makes sense to your dog. 

Our training program is designed to help dogs and owners build lasting relationships by giving you the information you need to communicate with them in a way that they understand. We are committed to building confidence, simplifying communication, and setting the foundation for a lifetime of learning together. 

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