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Intermediate Puppy

Setting the foundation for a lifetime of good behavior.

Our Intermediate Puppy program is perfect for those puppies 4-6 months old- those who may be too old for our Puppy 101 program, but not quite old enough for Basic Obedience! This course is intended to establish a solid foundation for obedience concepts, social skills, and household manners. Puppies in this course will learn:

  • handler engagement​

  • appropriate social interaction with dogs & people (greeting people politely, ignoring distractions, etc.)

  • foundational loose leash walking skills

  • a marker system for reward delivery

The Intermediate Puppy program is designed to be followed immediately by more advanced training, so all puppies who participate in the course will receive a discounted combination Basic Obedience/Off Leash private lessons program.

Intermediate Puppy is taken via private lessons:

3 private Intermediate Puppy lessons | $275

Includes discounted Basic Obedience/Off Leash course to follow | $400

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Basic Obedience

Creating a well-behaved family companion you can enjoy life with.

Our Basic Obedience program is the perfect starting point for an adult dog or puppy above the age of 6 months. During your Basic Obedience group class or private lessons, you'll closely with your trainer to ensure that both you and your dog have the tools you need to be successful together! Our focus is on reliable and trustworthy obedience, and we will learn things like:

  • handler engagement

  • recall

  • heel

  • sit + stay

  • down + stay

  • climb

These lessons are also the perfect opportunity to address minor behavioral issues you may be having with your dog, like fearfulness, jumping, nuisance barking, or dog reactivity. If you're struggling with any of these issues, please reach out so that we can set up a free evaluation to help determine the best course of action for you and your dog!

Basic Obedience can be taken through group classes or private lessons:

6 private lessons | $500

7 week group class | $375

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Off Leash Training

Opening up new possibilities.

Off Leash Training is an awesome choice for owners who want to be able to trust their dog with more freedom! This program helps you transfer all of the commands your dog learns in Basic Obedience and/or Canine Good Citizen into reliability off leash. 

Off Leash Training is completed via private lessons:

3 private lessons | $250

Obedience Training: Services

Competition Prep

Setting new goals.

Have you graduated from Basic Obedience and Canine Good Citizen lessons and are looking for new ways to stay involved? Reach out about our Competition Prep training! Let us introduce you to the world of dog sports, and join Team Elite OB in competing in AKC Obedience and Rally trials with your dog.

Competition Prep training is part of a monthly membership program:

Weekly sessions | $50 per month

Virtual + weekly sessions | $150 per month

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