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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your training methodology?

We use a balanced training method, which means that we utilize all four quadrants of operant conditioning to communicate with our dogs as clearly and fairly as possible. We reward good choices and correct negative ones to give our dogs the clearest possible understanding of our expectations. We want training to be a fun and positive experience for everyone involved, and our ultimate goal is to help you develop a cohesive working relationship between you and your canine companion. 
You can read more on the "Our Method" section of our website!

What should I bring with me to training?

All dogs will need a 6' lightweight leash, the type of collar recommended to you by their trainer, and their food! Please don't feed your dog prior to your lesson, and instead bring that food with you to use during training. Please bring your form of payment and a copy of your dog's updated vaccination records with you to your first session as well.

What vaccinations does my dog need to begin training with Elite Obedience?

We need to see proof of current (age appropriate) rabies, distemper, and bordetella vaccines in order to start training!

We also require that dogs participating in our private lessons or board and train programs are current on flea/tick and heartworm medication, and are free of any known communicable diseases. 

Where will my dog stay throughout their board and train program?

Dogs participating in our board and train programs will stay in their trainer's home with them throughout the duration of their training program, as opposed to living in a kennel facility. We find that this setup allows for more consistent training on our part, and results in training that is more easily transferrable back to the owner's home as well. 

All dogs in our care are crated in any moment that they are unsupervised, including overnight, for liability and insurance purposes. Crate training is a very essential piece of structure and management for any dog, so all dogs in our training programs will practice this concept (and we strongly recommend owners continue that expectation at home as well). Dogs will receive plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation each day, but crate training is another vital component in having a balanced dog capable of decompressing safely away from us as well. 

I'm leaving my dog for a board and train- what do I need to send with them?

Your dog will need enough food to last the entirety of their stay with us! Please also bring a leash for them to use while they're here, as well as any training tools you're currently using with them. You will also want to bring a copy of their updated vaccination records and your form of payment to their drop off session.

Please also bring any prescription medication or flea and tick/heartworm treatments that will need to be administered during their time with us, as well as instruction for usage and application that you'd like us to abide by.

Please refrain from sending any soft toys, beds, or blankets with your pup, as these items can be extremely dangerous in the event that they are chewed and ingested. Your dog will have the opportunity to play with safe toys during supervised play time, but we are unable to leave them unattended with toys or bedding for liability reasons in times they are crated. Even if they normally do well with those items in their kennels, dogs often act differently in boarding environments than they do at home, and we are not willing to compromise the safety of your pet while they're in our care. 

What training tools do you use in your programs?

Alongside using food rewards and interactive play to reinforce positive behavior, we will also utilize training tools as needed to appropriately communicate and proof behaviors in a balanced, fair, and humane way. Our approach will differ depending on each individual dog and situation, but the tools we use (and our favorite places to purchase them) are as follows. Please refer to your trainer's recommendation for sizing and/or model options!

Prong Collar

  • 2.25mm prong collar

  • 3.25mm prong collar

Favorite Vendor: K9 Access (


  • Dogtra 280c

  • Dogra ARC

  • Dogtra 1900s

Favorite Vendor: Amazon (

I have an aggressive, reactive, or fearful dog- what should I do?

If your dog is struggling with any type of behavioral issue, we would highly recommend setting up a free consultation (either via phone call or in person) before starting training with us! That will give us a chance to evaluate your dog and/or chat with you in depth about your individual situation so that we can recommend a training program that will best fit your needs. 

We do require all cases of human aggression, dog aggression, and fear aggression to be enrolled in our 4 Week Behavior Modification Board and Train program. 

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